Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cheers and Jeers: Last Night Edition

Cheers: To Roger and his white russians. To Sommersby and their new pear hard cider.

Cheers: To kulorbar, for once again providing free beer from the hours of 11 to 1, after entry and coatcheck.

Cheers: To the kulorbar DJ, for playing some enjoyable mashups, and looking like Mario Lopez.

Jeers: To the kulorbar coatcheck, for once again refusing to retrieve a coat, because the coatcheck ticket is in fact inside of the coat. Sorry roj.

Jeers: To the two girls dancing wildly on the elevated cube in the middle of the dance floor. Your nights were going well until you fell from said elevated cube and one of you busted your nose on the floor, spouting blood immediately all over your white dress and the dance floor, while your friend laughed.

Cheers: To the rest of the dancers, who danced around the blood at first, and then decided that you can't spend your entire night dancing around blood.

Jeers: To the AIDS epidemic.

Cheers: To me, for once again enjoying yourself responsibly.

Jeers: To me, for waking up at 9:30, when today all I plan to do is feed myself, and maybe go to a bakery.

1 comment:

  1. i too fell off the ledge at the back of the kulorbar dancefloor but didn't break my nose. i also went into the djs little booth thing to request a song but he did not look like mario lopez =(. also sommersby is the best drink ever.