Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I've got 99 problems such as my shower and general vertigo/nauseau but finding cheap chocolate oatmeal ain't one

My shower is my bathroom, meaning when I take a shower, everything gets wet. If my shower is too long, I've learned, the water floods into the rest of my room.

I also need to see a doctor about some general nausea/dizziness. I hope to be as disenchanted with universal healthcare as I hope and expect to be.

On the flip side, the subject that ''ain't'' a problem, I had previously purchased a box of chocolate muesli, a cereal-like substance. Noting it's oatmeal-like consistently, I tried to prepare it like oatmeal and it worked. Thus, for all intents and purposes, because I have a whole box of it, I will rarely run out.

Last night we were taken out to dinner at a nice cafe with our language class to try to get somewhat close to the concept of hygge (look it up, pronounced hoo-guh-lee, but no one will ever admit to it). The place looked outstanding but they ordered us ham and cheese sandwhiches, which was a less than optimal situation. We were all so hungry from general poverty that we ordered more bread at the end of the meal to stock our stomachs. Also, when the professor got up to see another table, I took some of her buttered croutons. You can chalk that up as something I would do, but when one or two girls I was with did the same, you know the food here is too expensive.

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