Sunday, January 25, 2009


Last night I had a bit too much fun. Apparently Vermouth Bianco tastes like Oregano. That's what I learned from the night, everything else I already knew.

Yesterday we went to Christiania (wikipedia Freetown Christiania). For all intents and purposes, marijuana is legal there. Christiania, for all intents and purposes, represents the contradictory nature of the Danes. Populated by hippies and supposed free-thinkers, Christiania is also a community of exclusion and general xenophobia.

The weather is almost comical. It's subtly, obscurely plain, obvious. If Wes Anderson directed a weather report, it would be what I'm looking at now. It's almost a piece of art. Starting on Tuesday, for exactly one week, the high is consistently 36. The forecast conditions are also almost regretfully unsure. It will never say "rain" or "sunshine" or "snow." It will say "AM Fog/PM Clouds" or "Mostly Cloudy." This is the most mundane topic I will ever write about on the blog.

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