Saturday, January 24, 2009

Observations and Events

Last night there was a university sponsored party at Luux, which can be visited at By university sponsored I mean the cover charge, coat check, and two free drinks. The two free drinks were important because the drinks cost between 30 and 150 Kroner (pronounced chroona, because the Danes don’t believe in r’s, among other things; see: emotion, capitalism, sobriety.) Also, Joel says it was Denmark’s highest rated club in 2006. Even though it’s 2009, that’s impressive. And the club was objectively impressive, showing videos on scattered televisions with various sexual innuendo. Like cherries. And topless women. I enjoyed watching my classmates dance, creating a physical metaphor for what they wanted to do horizontally instead of vertically. I enjoyed dancing myself. Last night a girl told me she thinks I like to dance to make other people uncomfortable. Maybe.

Including the stores like Whole Foods, and all the organic muesli and granola, Denmark has less cereal varieties than Jake and I kept on our fridge this past summer.

In one of the central squares in Copenhagen, there is a sign that says: “Carlsberg, Probably the Best Beer in Town,” which says more about the Danes than anyone will ever realize.


  1. You're crazy. And we definitely dance to make other people awkward.... i.e. me stepping on your hand in the club while pseudo-humping.

  2. youre added to my favourites. also at all other times luux is full of guidos. yes there are there guidos in denmark.